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Lord of Secrets—Erica Ridley

Nora is a paid companion to her distant cousin Lady Roundtree, who has broken her leg. The only reason she took the position was to help support her younger brother and elderly grandparents in the country, where she usually lives. She's not used to the way that things are done in society. She's not great at reading and writing (she has dyslexia, though it's never stated that way) and so she draws little caricatures of society gatherings for her family back home. Little does she know, her brother started selling them to a publication, albeit anonymously, and the society she has depicted in these caricatures is not thrilled to see their laundry aired. Heath, a member of that society, is also known as something of a fixer. He is hired to track down the identity of the caricaturist. But he didn't expect to develop feelings for this new lower class girl and he definitely didn't expect her to be the person behind the pen.

Whew. I really got on a tear of requesting romance…

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