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Why I "Overanalyze" Books

I've recently had an epiphany.
I guess less of an epiphany and more of Some people might call that a reminder, I suppose.

I spend a good chunk of my life time reading. I read a lot, and I read a wide variety of genres and authors. One thing that is a through line in all of my reading, though, is that I spend a fair amount of time analyzing the themes and the way that certain situations and characters are represented. This is not to say that I always catch—or am even aware enough of various social issues to always catch—problematic portrayals. But it's something I am looking for when reading, and there are definitely some areas where I have some heightened consciousness (i.e. childhood sexual trauma, rape as a plot or character-building device).

As a result of this constant analysis, I have sometimes felt oversensitive, or as though I'm reading into books things that are not there. There have been times where I have started reading a book that has years of glo…

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