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An Extraordinary Union—Alyssa Cole

"Either her superior had dreadfully underestimated the Southern male's love of an opportunity to do violence, or he'd purposely set her in the middle of danger. She doubted it was the latter, but the man was unduly annoyed at her for having the gall to aid her country without virtue of a certain appendage hanging between her thighs. As if a penis would somehow prove more useful to the Cause than her peculiar "gift." From what Elle had discerned over the last few months, whatever supposed benefits the organ conferred were canceled out by mulishness and a propensity for tomfoolery." (1)The above quote happens on the first page, and really set the tone for how much I was going to end up loving this book.

Elle is a free Black woman (and former slave) during the Civil War who has a photographic memory. In order to help aid the Union cause, she essentially goes undercover as a slave. It allows her to get closer to the men making the decisions for the Confederacy, …

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