Grown Up Library-Style Summer Reading Challenge—An Experiment with Friends

There is a group of people who I have known for just about forever. We've had our ups and downs, times where we were together all the time, times where we would go a while without seeing each other. But overall we've been together for a good chunk of time. And they're theatre people, so they're obviously awesome.

As we've gotten older and drifted apart geographically for school, jobs, other endeavors, we've tried to stay in touch. Mostly this has been done through a private Facebook group where we'll occasionally share what's going on in our lives.

Now we've added a new facet: a grown up, library-style summer reading program. Here's the Twitter conversation that created the idea:

We're still in the process of planning, scheduling, and determining prizes (!) but overall I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also looking forward to seeing what my friends choose within the genres as we go. There's already a great range in our "Classics" prompt.

And we've decided it's going to be our "First Annual" and we're going to try to do it every summer. One more way to stay connected when we're all over the country (and sometimes, globe).

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