Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars Volume I—Frank Beddor & Liz Cavalier, Art by Ben Templesmith

I found this while browsing the shelves of the graphic novels at the public library. I hadn't even known it existed, but had fairly recently read the first book in The Looking Glass Wars and was interested to see what this graphic novel would add to the world.

Of all the fairy tale type stories, two stand out as my favourites: Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. So I'm always interested in stories that relate to either of those.

This particular graphic novel is a companion to the aforementioned The Looking Glass Wars, and chronicles the beginning of Hatter's search for Alyss in what could be called our world. She gets sent here, and while he was traveling via the same method at the same time as her, they get separated, which means he has to try and track her down, since he's sworn to protect her.

I will say, the first thing that stood out to me was the cover art. Very interesting. And I'm a sucker for page quality, in all books, and the pages of the book are just beautiful: thick, glossy. Love them.

The artwork was phenomenal, although there were some panels that were super dark and hard to discern what was actually happening in them. I can only imagine that was intentional, but sometimes took me out of the world, because I was trying so hard to decipher what was happening. I did think it was very cool that, at one point, a girl who has imagination that Hatter runs across has her speech bubbles rainbow-colored. Something I've never seen in comic books. (Not that I've read an exhaustive number of them...)

This graphic novel was really interesting and well though out, and a great companion to the book. (Also excited that finding this reminded me that I wanted to go back and read the sequels to the book.) There was also a whole section at the end with answers to questions from fans, some original concept art, etc. Very cool.

I'm excited to go back and read the sequels to The Looking Glass Wars, and any other volumes of the graphic novels that might exist.

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