Howard the Duck #1—Zdarsky & Quinones & Renzi

This is one of the times I have made an exception for a comic that has a lot of backstory in the Marvel universe. However, this one starts at a point where it's a new storyline, correlative with the cinematic use of Howard the Duck, so I made an exception. Also, I had a crush on a kid in elementary school who was called Howard, prompting my parents to never not call him Howard the Duck, so I have a bit of an unreasonable attachment to him.

Marvel decided to revive Howard the Duck after his "popularity" at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. (Side note: Can we just acknowledge how smart it was of Marvel to start putting teasers and extra bits at the VERY END of their movies?)

This first issue in the new Howard the Duck was HILARIOUS. I feel like that word is used too often these days, but in this case it applies. Here's one set of panels that made me laugh out loud, and still does every time I look at it:

Howard is sardonic and weird and everything I wanted him to be. He starts out on Earth, and by the end has been captured by a mercenary for the Collector, where he encounters a familiar face who is sure that they can break out of their captivity. We get some cameos from some Marvel favourites, and also get to experience a training montage. And who doesn't love a good training montage?

I'm looking forward to following along with this one and seeing where it ends up. I'm also stoked that I was able to start from the "beginning" of a Marvel series, and it actually makes sense even not having read any previous escapades featuring Howard the Duck. (I find that this has been true for the new Thor series as well, which I also started at the beginning.)

Somewhat unrelated, but also on the subject of Marvel, I went to the Stan Lee panel at my first ever Emerald City Comicon last weekend and he was just as funny and charming and perspicacious as I'd always hoped. Crush solidified. Also, an attendee asked him what his favourite cameo has been, and he said he can't say, but that we shouldn't miss the new Avengers movie. Stan! I already couldn't wait for it's release, then you have to tease me like that!

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