Vaginal Fantasy Rewind

I've been a participating member of the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club for over a year and a half now. But before I was actively engaged, I was creeping around the edges of the club, watching the monthly Hangouts since their beginning in January 2012. The club was started and is hosted by four nerdy internet mavens: Felicia Day, Bonnie Burton, Kiala Kazebee, and Veronica Belmont. As the Goodreads forum says, Vaginal Fantasy is "a book club for romance genre books with strong female lead characters." Although I would argue it's evolved beyond that, since I don't believe that all the books we read these days have romance as their primary genre typing. But the female lead character thing is still solid.

Since I'm currently just freelancing, I thought I'd put my (excessive) free time to good use, and do what I'm calling a Vaginal Fantasy Rewind. I'm going to go back and read all of the books that I missed, from the beginning. Then I get the joy of rewatching the Hangouts and reassessing which host I like best. (Jokes. It's always a four-way tie.)

Over the next few weeks, depending on library availability, I'll be reviewing VF Rewind books and linking to their associated videos. It may be that there will be two reviews with the same video, because chances are I'm not going to get the main and the alt of a particular month at the same time; when I review them separately, I'll link to the video for both of them.

Follow along with me by looking for posts with the label "VF Rewind."

To find out more about Vaginal Fantasy, here are a bunch of places where VF occupies space:

Vaginal Fantasy Book Club Goodreads Forum

Vaginal Fantasy YouTube
(Although most archived videos are on the Geek & Sundry VF playlist here.)

Vaginal Fantasy Twitter


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