Dark Witch—Nora Roberts

Boyle McGrath. She said his name in her head, and thought: You could be trouble for me, and I’m so interested when it comes to trouble. (88)

This was the alt pick for Vaginal Fantasy book club for August 2016. (Yay, Vaginal Fantasy!)

I don't think I've actually read anything by Nora Roberts before, which feels kind of surprising since I do a lot of reading, and a fair amount of reading of "fluffy" stuff, and she's a not insignificant writer in the genre. Anyway, for the most part, I quite enjoyed this first in the trilogy about the O'Dwyer cousins and their magic. There were some predictable moments, there were some annoying moments, there was one fairly offensive moment, but overall pretty solid.

In this book, our hero and heroine love match are Iona and Boyle. There were a lot of things that I appreciated about Iona, but Boyle was a bit stereotypical romance novel male for me. I'm much more interested in Connor, Iona's cousin. As I say in my vlog, I literally made a note when we first meet him saying, "I love him already." This is the exchange that cinched it for me:

[Iona] “Like a dream. I slept too much of the day away yesterday. Obviously, I’m making up for it. You don’t mind me moving in?”[Connor] “Why would I? We’ll be taking turns as bottle washers, so that’s one for me.” (74)

He just seemed so playful and goofy and optimistic, but also loving and responsible. Yes please. Here's another good one:

[Iona] "You were boys together? You and Fin and Boyle.”[Connor] “Still are.” (110)

Bahaha. Love it. A man who can admit to everyone that he's really a boy, and make a joke about it? Sign. Me. Up.

Anyway, I imagine that I'll read the other two in the trilogy eventually, but I'm not in a super hurry. I'm more interested in the relationships (and, I'll be honest, the sexy times within those relationships) than I am by the actual plot of the magical battle and whatnot.

Hear more of my thoughts in my vlog!

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