My Life as a White Trash Zombie—Diana Rowland

"Yeah, I know my damn name," I snarled. "It's Angel Crawford." I wanted to add, And you can write it down with the pencil that's stuck up your ass, but I managed to hold it back. I knew that nurses had the power to make your life suck worse than it already did, and it was clear that this bitch considered me to be one step away from starring in my own loser reality show. Screw her. I was at least two steps away. (2)

Part of Vaginal Fantasy Rewind

This was the main pick when Dearly, Departed was the alt. I have to say, I didn't think I was going to like this one, because generally something naming itself white trash is not something I'd be into. But I really enjoyed this one. Also, how badass is this cover?

If you look in the dictionary under "loser," you'd find a picture of Angel Crawford. She can't hold down a job, her dad's an alcoholic who occasionally verbally abuses her when he's had one too many, she has a sort of boyfriend who she doesn't really care about. But for some reason, her life seems to get back on track after she dies and wakes up in the hospital after having been found naked on the side of the road. Angel's now a zombie, although it takes her a minute to admit that to herself. Now, she has a job in the coroner's office—procured for her by a mysterious entity—she has easy access to life-sustaining brains, she's actually able to pay some bills, she's moving away from the deadbeat boyfriend. But working in the coroner's office, she can't ignore the corpses that keep showing up sans heads. As a zombie, she has an idea of where those heads, and their delicious delicious contents, may have gone. Angel thinks another zombie is behind the deaths, but she couldn't be more wrong.

I definitely started out not liking Angel, but that's kind of the point. Although she doesn't have her life together—which I can totally relate to—she's also not doing anything to change it. Until she's a zombie, she continues in the same self-destructive patterns over and over. For example, when she relates about one of her criminal encounters before zombie time, when her erstwhile boyfriend hooks her up with a guy who sells her a "nearly new Toyota Prius" for 500 dollars. Angel says she had a "feeling" that it wasn't a legit business deal. Really? You had a "feeling" that 500 dollars for a basically new Prius wasn't legit? What insight.

But after Angel is zombified, she really works on getting her life together. For the first time, she has a steady job. She has a legitimate paycheck. She has the opportunity for a long-term career that she actually enjoys in a field that is perfect for her...situation.

She also has the chance to get away from her sometimes boyfriend, who, similar to Angel before zombie, has no desire to change his life. Luckily enough, there's also a cute sheriff's deputy who *spoiler* is also a zombie, the one who set her up with the job at the coroner's office, and ends up with her in the final battle against his zombie hunter best friend.

It also reminded me a lot of iZombie, which the ladies talked about a bit during the Hangout. At the time the book club read White Trash Zombie, iZombie was still a comic and wasn't yet a television series. But that's how I came to it, and found it a really intriguing premise. So really anytime that I get a different vantage point or mythology related to zombies, I'm into it.

I agree with Felicia that it took me a little bit to get into, but once I got into it, I was excited to see where Angel ended up. I'm looking forward to reading further in this series, but I'm not desperately scrambling to get to the second one. I also agree about the texture of the brains...but I think you'd figure it out eventually.

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